NEW G3D Boxmag Mark IV-S without mag-adaptor black 50 round balls

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The boxmag contains around 50 balls, no FSR. Fill the balls in, wind it up and it will last for the whole mag. It is made of PLA PLUS, 3D printed. You can purchase every single part if something brakes while your activity on the field.

New, improved version. Better Spring, two instead of one bearing, almost no splattering.

Please choose your necessary mag-adaptor with the mag.

Fill: Open the lid by loosening the clamp and open the rear lid.

2. Fill in so many balls until the lid closes without any obstacles. Do not fill in too much. No ball should touch the lid when closing.

3. After closing and locking the lid, turn the winding wheel clockwise until a resistance is felt. Then do not turn further, it could be bullets crushed.

4. Put the magazine in the paintball gun and go :-) We recommend using a sturdy paint that minimizes the "cracked" paints.

Empty: If there are any bullets left in the magazine, remove the magazine from the paintball gun.

2. Open the lid and empty the balls.

3. Press the release mechanism on the top of the magazine to release the remaining balls. Possibly the drum in the magazine then turns a few more rounds empty. If possible, slow the drum slightly. There remain for technical reasons always 3-10 balls in the magazine.

Clean: The magazine contains 1 steel drive springs. Therefore do not rinse with water, just wipe out.

Maintenance: With the two screws on the front of the turning wheel the pressure of the locking disc can be adjusted.

Caution: When disassembling the magazine, the drive springs may pop out and cause injury !!! Should individual parts be needed, no problem. Each part can be bought separately on our homepage, if necessary.

We wish you every success in using our magazine.

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